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Meet our Team

Here at FirstNurse, we believe in quality at speed. That’s why we curate a candidate list using a 12-step due diligence process and backed by our senior partners’ years of experience lightening fast.

We know finding people is easy. That’s why we don’t find people. What we do is connect, curate, and place top talent in leadership roles.

 Our team works to connect and place top talent in proactive, leadership ready roles.

No matter the medical industry or the position, we deliver 3X more qualified candidates, with the consistency of clockwork, in less than 30 days.


FirstNurse makes it simple to staff nurses on short-term assignments with ease

Jack McGrath

Cleveland Clinic, President

Recruiting team

Hire the outstanding professionals that best fit your project specifications.

Michael Vancene

Recruitment Specialist

 Talent Acquisition Leader dedicated to driving organizational growth and change with inclusive and people-focused strategies. Skilled in creating data-driven recruitment roadmaps, overseeing large-scale hiring initiatives across functionals, and leading effective technical and executive recruitment teams.

Jill Anderson

Recruitment Specialist

 Recruiting, and training consultant with more than 10 years of relevant experience. Professional skills and interests include: recruiting, onboarding, data and data systems management, employee relations and communication. I am reliable and knowledgeable, an astute researcher, and highly organized.  I pride myself on being a listening ear and a strategic partner with clients. 

John Smith

HR Manager

HR and Talent Professional with over six years of experience managing staffing and recruiting, hiring and onboarding, employee benefits and payroll, performance tracking methods and HR records. Reliable, knowledgeable and highly organized team player with excellent communication skills, team building and relationship management

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